quinta-feira, março 04, 2004

Anti-semitismo ou semitismo anti ? 

Pois é. Ainda ontem disse aqui que não ia mais referir-me ao tal assunto. Acontece porém que o meu leitor e amigo Marcus Pimenta me pôs na pista dumas sensatas declarações do rabino americano Daniel Lapin e que aconselho todos a lerem com atenção neste sítio. Não faço a mínima ideia de qual será a representatividade deste rabino na Judiaria Americana, presumo até que seja pouca. Mas o que ele diz parece-me ser do maior bom senso e vai ao encontro das preocupações dum cristão filo-semita como eu.
Destaco apenas alguns trechos: "Those Jewish organizations that have squandered both time and money futilely protesting Passion, ostensibly in order to prevent pogroms in Pittsburgh, can hardly be proud of their performance. They failed at everything they attempted. They were hoping to ruin Gibson rather than enrich him. They were hoping to suppress Passion rather than promote it. Finally, they were hoping to help Jews rather than harm them."; "I am encountering bitterness at Jewish organizations insisting that belief in the New Testament is de facto evidence of anti-Semitism."; "Listen to a rabbi whom I debated on the Fox television show hosted by Bill O'Reilly last September. This is what he said, "We have a responsibility as Jews, as thinking Jews, as people of theology, to respond to our Christian brothers and to engage them, be it Protestants, be it Catholics, and say, look, this is not your history, this is not your theology, this does not represent what you believe in."He happens to be a respected rabbi and a good one, but he too has bought into the preposterous proposition that Jews will reeducate Christians about Christian theology and history. Is it any wonder that this breathtaking arrogance spurs bitterness?"; " One of the directors of the AJC recently warned that Passion "could undermine the sense of community between Christians and Jews that's going on in this country. We're not allowing the film to do that." No sir, it isn't the film that threatens the sense of community; it is the arrogant and intemperate response of Jewish organizations that does so."
Gostaria muito de saber a opinião do meu amigo Nuno e também do Francisco sobre o que este judeu americano diz.

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